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                           Mojoland: The adventure whizz of HornOKPlease fest 2018!!

Are you still reeling from the rush of the happiest food festival HornOk Please held at the most happening city???Don’t fret, you are just like most of the Delhizens.

Delhi played host to the 4th edition of the food truck festival ‘Horn OK Please’ held at JLN Stadium from 16th to 18th in the month of November. Co-powered by UBER Eats and Maggi, the festival offered a mini carnival, adventure games, and even a Kids’ Zone, apart from scores of delicacies to taste. The key highlights of the festival were the the Kebab Lane, Quirk Bazaar, Experience Zone, The Grub Campus, Dessert Lane and China Town.

The event had multiple zones meant to provide unique experiences to its participants. This revolutionary concept roped in adventure-specialists like Mojoland ensuring that visitors get to experience much more than just food. The Experience zone in the food festival featured a trampoline, bull rides, a Rocket Ejection ride, professionals performing thrilling BMX skateboarding stunts, a life-size Jenga installation and even an Angry Birds Velcro Patch.

The kickass Experience Zone had a ton of fun-filled activities perfect for your Insta captures and Boomerangs. At the skateboarding arena by Mojoskate, professionals performed nerve-wrecking skateboard stunts that could give you excitement jitters. Mojoland, the active participant of the experience zone is one of the leading theme parks in Delhi/NCR.

A must-visit theme park in Delhi/NCR ,Mojoland has been getting rave reviews for their skateboard posts on Instagram.

This sure did revive my thrilling moments of the fun food fest!!

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                                An adventurous way to bid adieu to 2018!!!

What better way to end the fabulous year than scream at the top of your voice from our thrill-packed rides!!2019, Here we come! Mojoland, one of the best theme parks in Delhi/NCR is a mystical land with four parks in a single destination. Our adventure park, with a plethora of gutsy and daring rides is one of the best adventure parks in Delhi/NCR.

We are here to give you the experience-of-the-year with carefully chosen rides solely for the adrenaline rush. Be it testing your limits on a 40 ft high swing on the Giant Swing or launching yourself 35ft in the air with the heartbeat spiking Bungee Ejection. The adventure park at Mojoland promises unparalleled thrill for all the adrenaline junkies out there!

Innovative and fun-packed rides like Free-fall, Obstacle Course, Sky Cycling, Rock Climbing of our adventure park makes it one of the top attractions In Delhi/NCR. Treat your family and friends to a never-ending adventure at very own Mojoland. Climb walls, cross hurdles and bond over thrilling activities and dares at the Adventure land of town.

Enter the Land of Magic for an interesting end to your eventful year. Your adventure awaits you!

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                      Much more to explore on the Delhi-Murthal highway!!

Have you seen everything worthwhile across the Delhi borders? Think again people.. You might have missed out on the thrill of a lifetime!

Every delhiite is familiar with the perfect route for a drive-The Delhi-Murthal Highway.  Be it a breezy night or a bright sunny day, this highway is always fun to drive on. Adding to its fame is the finger-licking food, served by the Amrik-Sukhdev Dhaba . Not just youngsters, it is an all-time favourite outing spot for families as well. Haveli and Sheesh mahal are two other famous restaurants on this highway.

 Adding to your list of must-visit places on the Delhi-Murthal Highway is the crazy adventure park-The amazonian Mojoland. This Land of Magic is a one-of-a-kind fun park with 4 parks in a single destination and about to open its fifth cold zone-The Snow world very soon. It prides on being the only theme park hosting an Adventure Park, an Amusement Park, Water Park, and an Aero sports Park as well.

One of the best theme parks for school students in Delhi/NCR, Mojoland offers fun rides like sky drop, windmill, scream tower,

techno jump and many more. Their water park is one of the Delhi/NCR with splashy rides and exciting water sports for your leisure time. A perfect place for a family outing, a school picnic or just a fun day with friends!!



Mojoland-The world of fun just a drive away!!!

Mojoland-The world of fun just a drive away!!!

Welcome aboard funsters! Inviting you to a world -class carnival of amusement rides designed with the sole purpose of escaping the mundane life. Our very own Mojoland, located at the outskirts of the city in Murthal, Sonipat proudly hosts one of the best attractions in Delhi/NCR –THE FUN WORLD. This amusement park has been the talk-of-the-town for their fun-filled and energizing rides like scream tower, Crazy Fire Ball, Spanish bull, NFS car and many more.

Holidays keeps the sanity alive .They vitalize us for the hustle –bustle of the upcoming weekdays. The masterful thinkers behind the concept of Mojoland have created this world of fun to jazz up your holidays! An amusement park for everyone, we are home to some of the best rides for thrill-seekers, exciting rides for kids and rides that the entire family can enjoy. Fun World offers the ideal location for family bonding time, a fun place for friends to hangout and for school picnic spots in Delhi/NCR.

Mojoland has been admired for their approach of adding attractions with the thought- “quality over quantity”. The Fun World in Mojoland offers a good range of rides and attractions, is pretty clean and has an upscale, high quality theming experience. The amazing lineup of fun rides like Swing chair , Merry Go Round, Mini Pirate Ship,  and the great atmosphere makes Mojoland a must visit for anyone with a pulse. This recreation centre sticks to safety standards guidelines which are being followed by the top amusement parks around the world.

Take a break! Let go !Enjoy with your loved ones at Fun World!

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Is adrenaline your choice of drug?? Bored of the conventional methods of fun? Well, then Aero sports might be your higher calling!!! 

Let me acquaint you with aero sports. Aero sports activities are considered one of the most exciting and thrilling adventure sports which have gained immense popularity in India. Aero sport has an infectious appeal for those who want to rise above the ordinary level. Air sports are the best adventure sport which should try to experience the thrill in the air and breathtaking views of the countryside.

These are the activities for those who crave the rush of adrenaline and want to experience the thrill in the air. As of now, Aero sports is still in its infancy stage in India. Still, India has some excellent locations for all types of flying sports such as paragliding, hang gliding and ballooning. Aerobatics and Gliding also come under the radar of aero sports but they are not as popular compared to other flying recreational activities in India.

Paragliding is one of the popular aero sports in India. You will feel like a bird soaring high up in the sky. One form of paragliding is Powered paragliding, also known as Para-motoring. It involves flying of lightweight aircraft in which the pilot wears a motor on the back which provides the required lift to take off using a paraglider without any assistance.

The intense feeling you experience while flying over beautiful locations cannot be put into words. You need to live it to know it. The Multi-theme park in Murthal, Sonipat-is one of the few places in Delhi NCR that offers you this experience. Apart from its aero sports park, Mojoland also hosts an amusement park, an adventure park, and a water park. It is one of the top attractions in the Delhi NCR region. Fly high for 6 to 8 km, while enjoying the enticing view of surroundings.


Source: http://www.mojoland.in

The Fun-tastic Multi-theme park at Murthal- Mojoland

  The Fun-tastic Multi-theme park at Murthal-   Mojoland

Adventure Park or Amusement Park?? Or is Water Park better?- Is this your weekend dilemma too?

 Look no further. We might have the perfect solution!!!

Mojoland-The Thrill of four parks rolled into a single destination! It prides on being the only theme park hosting an Adventure Park, an Amusement Park, Water Park, and an Aero sports Park as well.

The Aero sports Park of Mojoland is a must-explore site. Here, they prep you for your most exciting experiences through well-monitored courses tailored to your age and level. This is one of the few aero-sports parks for school students in the Delhi NCR region.

The best attraction of our theme park is the hair-raising paramotoring activity. You can enjoy the thrilling session of flying at 1000 feet above the ground here. Fly high for 6 to 8 km, while enjoying the enticing view of surroundings.

 The Adventure Park at Mojoland promises unparalleled thrill for all the adrenaline junkies out there. It hosts exclusive rides like Sky Cycling, Zip Line, Rock climbing, Tyre Walk and Commando Net designed to get your heart rate spiking.

Mojoland would be the best escapade from the summer sun offering splashy rides and exciting water sports. Let loose with your family and friends at this oasis of delight and joy, enriched with a tropical environment. This chill-out zone provides numerous water sports, Family pool, Rain dance, Foam dance along with customized waterslides for kids. The visitors have titled Lagoon as the best water park in Sonipat.  

Fun World of Mojoland guarantees a fun-riot at the world-class carnival of thrill-packed rides. A one-of-its-kind amusement park that abides with all safety standard guidelines followed by top amusement parks. It is also about to open the best snow park in Delhi NCR. Your one-stop destination for the adventure of a lifetime!

Source: http://www.mojoland.in